I am a software engineer and visual effects animator with a focus on graphics programming and production pipeline development. I have worked in feature film animation for over 15 years, at PDI/Dreamworks, Blue Sky Studios and Industrial Light & Magic. I currently live in San Francisco.

Please check out my demo reel and resume below. You may also download my resume in nicely-formatted pdf or word doc versions. See my imdb for a complete list of film credits.

Demo Reel

Note: This demo reel below was most recently updated in 2011 so does not reflect my most recent live-action work at ILM. A revised reel is in-progress and will be uploaded soon.

Please view my Shot List for detailed descriptions of each clip in this reel.

You may also download my reel in quicktime format here.

Work Experience

Industrial Light & Magic 2011–present Effects Technical Director

Created visual effects for feature films including Ant-Man and The Wasp, Solo: A Star Wars Story, Black Panther, Deepwater Horizon, Warcraft, Captain America: Civil War, Ant-Man (VES Award Nominated), Tomorrowland, Avengers: Age of Ultron, Transformers: Age of Extinction, Captain America: The Winter Solider, Pacific Rim, The Lone Ranger, and The Avengers.

Typical shot work included particle, fluid, and rigid body simulation, shader development, lighting, and rendering.

Also responsible for designing and implementing ILM’s Houdini asset pipeline, allowing artists to import production assets into Houdini as well as share assets between shots in a consistent way. Extensive use of python, C++ and the Houdini HDK.

Blue Sky Studios 2008–2011 Effects Technical Director, Sequence Lead

Created visual effects for the animated feature films Ice Age 4, Rio, Ice Age 3 and related marketing. Typical shot work involved particle, fluid and rigid body simulation, shader development and development of effects pipelines. Sequence lead responsibilities included interacting with other departments as effects representative, overseeing effects shot work on a sequence, resource management, and development of reusable effects systems.

PDI/Dreamworks 2004–2007 Visual Effects Animator

Created visual effects for the animated feature films Madagascar 2, Shrek the Third, Over The Hedge, Madagascar, and related television and print marketing. Typical shot work involved shader development, particle and fluid simulation, crowd simulation, rendering, compositing, basic modeling, and development of reusable effects systems and pipelines.

PDI/Dreamworks 2002–2004 Technical Director—Lighting and Effects Departments

Provided technical and pipeline support for lighting and effects teams on the feature films Madagascar and Shrek 2. Responsibilities included pipeline development, shader writing, render optimization and debugging, resource management, and some effects shot work. Larger projects included design of randomized shader networks for crowd surfacing, and implementation of lighting pipelines for PDI’s global illumination and hair volume shadowing systems.

Industrial Light and Magic Summer 2000 Research and Development Technical Director (Intern)

Designed and implemented productivity-enhancing plugins for Alias|Wavefront’s Maya software, to be used internally at ILM. Extensive use of Maya, the Maya API and OpenGL.

i-mind Education Systems Summer 1999 Software Engineer

Participated in initial design of the company’s Internet-based educational software application. Feasibility tested and implemented a pre-beta prototype of this product.

Technical Skills

Programming experience in C, C++, Python, Perl, Ruby, OpenGL, GLSL, MEL, VEX and hscript, Java, shell scripting. Knowledge of Maya and the Maya API, Houdini and HDK, Nuke, Katana, RenderMan, AfterEffects, Processing.
Extensive experience with rendering, shader writing, compositing, physical simulation, and large-scale visual effects pipelines and workflows. Strong knowledge of computer graphics rendering theory, techniques and programming with particular emphasis on film and video games.
Worked under Linux/Unix, Windows, MacOS


Brown Universitygraduated May 2002B.A. with Honors in Computer Science
  • Honors Thesis—studying and implementing physically-correct Global Illumination rendering architectures, including an implementation of the Metropolis Light Transport algorithm.
  • UTRA Fellowship—studying spacetime constraint-based animation techniques.