New Demo Reel

Hey there Internet. I’ve just uploaded a brand new spiffed-up version of my demo reel, which you can watch above, or on my resume page. Check it out. It’s got some of my more recent work from Blue Sky. I stuck with the Little Computer People soundtrack, because I still think my little joke is hilarious. And I expect most employers out there will watch it with the sound off anyway.

Mostly I wanted to post this here to get my last post about campaigning for Obama off my front page. That was like, so 2008. Look how young and excited I was! Also look at my awesome hat. Somewhere in the intervening years I lost that hat, and now I can’t look at that post without a twinge of sadness.

Time to move on. Time to sweep that post into the archives. 2011 is about new beginnings. And possibly even new hats? Possibly!

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  1. Skirko
    Apr 10th, 2011at7:54 pm

    Ironically, Barb also ultimately lost the hat she was wearing in that photo as well. Coincidence?

  2. Apr 11th, 2011at7:31 pm

    The dreaded Obama Hat Curse strikes again!


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