Demo Reel

Well I suppose it’s probably about time to get an actual grown-up job again.

And to that end I’ve put together a little reel. Check it out:

It has only about a third of the shots I directly worked on at Dreamworks, but I think it’s a fairly representative sample, and nobody really wants to see every disembodied-lemur-eyeball-in-the-bushes shot from Madagascar anyway. At least I don’t.

I was a little unsure about my musical selection. Anthony Rother’s Little Computer People might be a bit grating for those who don’t have a taste for fine electro. But I thought it was totally appropriate and totally hilarious. So I’m going with it. Plus my experience of CG demo reels is that they universally have ridiculously awful music, so everyone turns the sound down anyway.

So. People of the Internet. I am interested in what you think. Let me know! (and BTW, Internet: I’ve missed you. I intend to start posting here again regularly. I promise.)

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Wow! 10 Comments!!!

  1. drewp
    Jun 17th, 2008at1:14 am

    This short had barely any character arc, and the lighting was all over the place from shot to shot. The animation style was somewhat inconsistent as well, as were the character designs. Are we in a park, or in the jungle! The scenes just didn’t hold together.

    Flames looked good though.

  2. Jun 18th, 2008at6:43 pm

    Yeah we’re still working on the third act, and we havn’t quite figured out the villain yet. But there are fart jokes galore, and we got Missy Elliott to remix the credit song. It’s going to be huge!

    But seriously, thanks for the comment Drew. I was kinda wondering if anyone would notice I’d started posting again.

  3. Jun 20th, 2008at9:49 am

    I noticed! I like the crazy new layout, too. How very-very.

    Very cool. Given the bits you were responsible for in the castle scenes and the jungle scenes, you have proved yourself a true flamer and a true ‘baller (respectively).

    Now, if only you would bring back The Adventures of George Beard-nard Shaw.

  4. Jun 20th, 2008at12:37 pm

    More beard-related posts coming up in the not-too-distant future, assuming I am successful in my current beard endeavor.

  5. Jun 23rd, 2008at9:26 am


  6. Justin and Jason
    Jul 3rd, 2008at2:41 pm

    Despite your defiance of the #1 rule in demo reels (no techno!), it looks good! Very stylish. We’d hire you in a second (although I suspect in different roles).

    Visit your parents, they miss you!

  7. rebecca
    Jul 7th, 2008at12:43 pm

    I second that beard-related post request. But seriously, that kicked the pants off metropolis light transport!

  8. Jul 15th, 2008at1:32 am

    Rebecca are you referring to Metropolis Light Transport the rendering algorithm, or our awesome still-to-be-formed epic prog rock band?

    My reel could have definitely benefitted from some classic MLT-c.1978 keyboard jams. Would have solved Justin and Jason’s techno issue nicely as well. I’ll work on that.

  9. Laurent
    Aug 2nd, 2008at1:09 pm

    I always knew you could light a fart. I miss the spiky hair dude. However, back on subject, you reel rocks !

  10. Oct 24th, 2008at10:22 am

    Well, I was looking for vietnam pics, but I stumbled on this demo reel and then it started loading and then I didn’t know what to do. My first reaction was to throw my laptop out the window, but I had a bug screen, so I had to watch it. And you know what? I really enjoyed it.

    One thing, not that you should listen to me, but while I was reading what you did on the shot, I felt like I couldn’t watch (especially things like crowd layouts and short shots). Not that you need to do anything about it. I can’t really do 2 things at the same time. It’s kind of hard for mihsfhudgaopguphbjjfdaio . . .see, I just took a bite of my sandwich.

    talk to you soon


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