Bee Movie

In case you’ve managed to avoid what is undoubtedly a huge marketing blitz (by, say, being in Laos), Dreamworks’ Bee Movie opens tomorrow. I didn’t work on it, and left Dreamworks before it was finished, so I’ve only seen a tiny bit. I definitely had my issues with aspects of it, but I’m guessing it turned out pretty decently.

Plus I know a lot of people who did work very hard on it for a very long time, and probably would appreciate getting a bonus this year. So go see it.

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  2. Nov 5th, 2007at3:27 am

    Hmmm $39.1 million opening weekend. Is that good or bad?

    I guess it’s about at Over The Hedge level, which went on to make just over $150 million, so not too bad, but not a blockbuster. Probably good enough for that bonus though?
    At least way better than Flushed Away right?


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