Beard Removal

The Beard apologizes to its many fans,

My Beard

but its time had come.

My Goatee

It just became very annoying to have such a fantastic beard

My Moustache

while I simultaneously had a fantastically runny nose.

My Moustache Deux

I’m sure you can imagine the problems such a situation might cause.

My Final Moustache

So the one thing I accomplished during my convalescence in Luang Prabang was its complete removal:

No More Beard!

But don’t despair! My face is currently busily working on a replacement beard which I’m sure will be its equal in every way. The beard will return someday. But for now it will live on in our memories, and our hearts. And these cuts on my neck.

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  1. Nov 7th, 2007at8:28 am

    I now enter an offical mourning period.

    Beard, you were too good for this world. See you in the next.

  2. rebecca
    Nov 7th, 2007at9:54 am

    this photo montage made me life.


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