Nha Trang and Jungle Beach

We escaped the floods of Hoi An by flying an hour south to the beach resort town of Nha Trang, which was sunny and gorgeous. Not a typhoon in sight.We spent a morning there sitting on the beach, and one half of me got ridiculously sunburned. We went swimming:



Now which of those photos do you think has more views on flickr? Hint: It’s not the one with me in it.

Nha Trang was nice enough I guess, if a bit seedy. There was a preponderance of children who had been instructed by their parents to annoy the nice tourists. You’d constantly get kids and adults asking you to buy all manner of crap, especially on the beach. Like I’d be sitting there with my sunglasses on, and Sunglasses Man would come up and try to sell me sunglasses. I suppose just in case I broke my first pair. My favorite come on, which was unique to Nha Trang was kids who’d come up and ask “You want to play Connect Four with me?” and produce a connect four game which I guess you then bought. What a weird little racket. But I did witness a few tourists playing Connect Four! So be forewarned: brush up on your connect four skills before visiting.

I guess we got the same type of touting in the rest of Vietnam as well, but Nha Trang felt more annoying, or perhaps we were just more tired of it by that point. In any case, we wernt really into the place, so we decided to spend a couple days a this “resort” thingy called Jungle Beach. I say “resort” because it was perhaps closer to a “commune,” and certainly didnt have any of the amenities you might think “resort” would connote, like “private bathroom” or “no bugs”. But it was exactly what I wanted. $15 a night bought us three meals every day, all the bottled water and lemonade you could drink, and a bamboo bungalow looking out on a private beach:


They had little shade structures set up on the beach, and a super-nice staff, and a telescope you could use to watch monkeys playing in the surrounding mountains, and a little doggy who lead us on a hike to a waterfall:


and little crabbie friends who would come hang out in our bungalow:


And at over an hour’s drive from Nha Trang, there were no touts to be seen. It was awesome. After the craziness and constant frenzy of the rest of Vietnam (and the frenzy of our schedule), it was great to just sit on a beach for a couple days and do nothing but read my book. It actually felt like I was on vacation in Vietnam, not waging war against it. Plus who wouldnt want to spend a couple days stuck on a deserted beach with a sexy lady?


Incidentally, that photo has way more flickr views than the equivalent Taylor photo:


See if you can count the beads of sweat on my face. I’m a friggin sweat typhoon over here.

Anyway, Jungle Beach was nice. You should go there, if you’re in the area. Definitely a highlight of the trip thus far. But lookee here at my flickr set for more pictures of beachy fun times, and judge for yourself:

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  1. cameron
    Oct 10th, 2007at7:02 pm

    maybe your picture would have more flickr views if you weren’t in the water and we could see your bikini.

  1. Oct 10th, 2007at7:14 am

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