New Theme

I updated my blog design a little bit today, with some new features and stuff. Please check it out and let me know if anything is broken or isnt working for you. I’ve only tested it with Firefox, so I have a feeling it wont look pretty in Explorer. I’m not exactly an expert at CSS hacking.

There should be a sidebar now with some neato features, like my recent flickr photos and a ‘subscribe’ form so you can get emails when I do a new post. These will be useful to my Mom at least. I’m also going to try to maintain a route map for my upcoming world travels in google maps. It’ll be under the ‘my route’ tab above.

Anyway, let me know what isnt working for you. And then I probably wont fix it since in a couple hours I’m off to Singapore!

I’m sad that nobody has left a comment on this post yet…