Holy Crap Im Off!

I wanted to do a longer pre-trip post, but have been running around like crazy today trying to get ready. Its amazing how these things that you’ve been planning for months sneak up on you. I think I’m ready, but I’m probably not at all. That’s the fun of travelling.

Tonight at 9 I’ll get on a 22 hour flight to Singapore. Then I’ll be in Vietnam for a couple weeks, after which who knows? My plan is to stay in southeast Asia for a month and a half or so, at least. Jessica (my lovely travel companion) has posted our itinerary for the first 2 weeks on her blog here. Read her blog. It will be significantly more informative and better written than mine.

I’ve never been to Asia before, and there are a lot of things I dont know about it. Do they have cheese in asia? What kind of power outlets do they have? Why are so many people in Vietnam named Charlie? I dont know! I aim to find out all these things and more.

So I’m off! My next post will be from Singapore! Which apparently looks like this:

Wish me luck, and send me an email every now and then. I’ll be back before you know it (or want me to be).

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  2. Sep 24th, 2007at1:59 am

    I made it to Singapore just fine, in case anyone was wondering. I’m very full of dumplings and bandung.

    More about Singapore very soon!

  3. cameron
    Sep 26th, 2007at12:10 am

    you haven’t written in your blog at all! don’t you realize that i am vicariously touring Asia through you? someone needs to get his priorities straight.

    but seriously, i hope you’re having fun =)


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