Why I Will Never Amount to Anything

For anybody wondering why I havnt done any new posts this past week, its probably partially because I’m just not in the habit. I’ve also been finding unemployment to be surprisingly busy, with tons of errands and stuff to do every day before I leave San Francisco in a week. This is compounded by the fact that I get up at noon every day, so my errand-doing time is shortened. Also I’m just extremely lazy.

But there is one reason I blame above all others for my lack of posting: On my last day at work my friends in the FX department devised a diabolical plan to ensure I never accomplish anything ever again:

They bought me a Nintendo DS as a going-away present. The bastards. And of course I had to go out and buy myself Mario Kart. So now obviously I cant be expected to accomplish anything of substance, as all my free time is spent in the thrall of my new nintendo overlord. Just I had freed myself from enslavement to one group of computer-generated cartoon characters, I went and replaced them with a whole menagerie of new, distinctly more japanese and interactive, yet no less demanding and selfish, cartoon masters.

So thanks a lot PDI FX department. It seems like a very generous and thoughtful gift. But know that I’m on to your scheme… oh yes. Very clever PDI. Very clever indeed.

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  1. sbell
    Aug 24th, 2007at6:24 pm

    Wow, that’s great Taylor! I’m impressed that you’re up by noon. I’d probably be rolling out of bed at the crack of 2PM if I were you.

    Don’t push yourself too hard on Mario Kart…you’ve got a bunch of long plane rides coming up. :)

    BTW your blog totally cracks me up.

  2. wheeler
    Aug 27th, 2007at3:37 pm


  3. blevin
    Aug 29th, 2007at4:34 pm

    taylor, congrats on livin’ the dream.


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