Important Taylor Update

Tomorrow will be my last day at PDI/Dreamworks.

I’ve worked there for five years, first as a technical director and then as an effects animator, and have enjoyed it immensely. Leaving was a very difficult decision to make, but in the end I think this is the right time to try something different. The last year or so I’ve been feeling a certain listlessness, a desire to travel again, to live somewhere other than my hometown for a while. And while my life in San Francisco and at PDI is very comfortable and supportive, I have this weird desire to leave that comfort and try something new. Plus I’m dating a girl who lives in New York. So if I’m ever going to do something different, now is the time.

But on the upside, I’ve now started this here “weblog.” With my very own domain name! I feel so hip and relevant. It will undoubtedly chronicle my slow downward spiral into unemployment and penurious indigence, but I also might write about other things like travelling, computer graphics, burritos, etc. Mostly I hope it will be useful for keeping in touch with everyone. It will be the internet’s Number One Source for Taylor Shaw News.

So in summary: I’m minus one job, but plus one blog. Ladies? eh? eh? …

Did I mention that I’ve moved out of my apartment and am living with my parents? Yeah it’s pretty cool. I know.

So what are my plans, specifically? Well I’m not really one for “plans” per se, but the general idea at this point is this: The first week of September I’m going out to New York for a couple weeks. From there I’m flying to Singapore and then Vietnam, after which I’ll spend a month or two travelling around Southeast Asia. I’ll get back to the US just in time to spend the winter out in New York, which should be cold enough to convince me to move back to San Francisco next spring. I havn’t decided yet what I’ll do for a job out in New York, but I’m hoping that I’ll be able to find some short-term or freelance animation work. I don’t want to be in New York forever, and really hope that I make it back to the Bay Area within a year.

So that’s basically what I’m thinking about. Unfeasible? Sure. Huge mistake? Probably. It should be an interesting year, at least.

Please continue to read this blog, comment freely, and participate in my mistake as it unfolds, or unravels.

Taylor\'s Mistake Beach


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  1. Oct 29th, 2007at3:48 pm

    That picture is hilario.

    Late-to-the-Game Queeurk


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