Im a total Luger!

I only made that joke about 200 times yesterday.

I guess it wasnt so much a luge per se.. more sorta a fancy gokart which reminded me of this. But they called it a luge, so that makes me a true luger. Not as huge a luger as Matt though. Here’s him eating my dust:

Queenstown is like the adventure-sport capital of New Zealand. There are about a billion adventure companies here trying to sell me a trip rock-climbing, or skydiving, or canyon-swinging, or jetboating, slingshoting or any of hundreds of other methods of falling, getting wet, or tumbling down mountains. I’ve witnessed people bungee jumping and paragliding, and apparently paying money to do so. Obviously I needed to try some sort of eXXXtreme sport while in Queenstown, so I opted for the awesome speed and raw power of these glorified gokart luge thingies. It was actually pretty fun. And actually a bit steeper than it looks in those pictures. Really. I swear. Im Exxtreme!

The best part about the luge thing was that it was up on top of the gondola on Bob’s peak, overlooking all of queenstown.

Luge Over Queenstown

And the view was amazing from up there. Plus they had this ingenious luge/gokart chairlift which I thought was pretty awesome.

But it hasnt all just been luging. During our time in Queenstown we’ve done all sorts of other extreme things like visiting a bird park where we saw kiwis and this extremely huge pigeon:

Awesome Pigeon

And Matt and I went on an extremely grueling bike ride:

And I skipped some stones:

And we went on a couple big hikes and climbed a big mountain:

Top of Queenstown Hill

So all in all we’ve met our extreme sports quota, I think.

Tomorrow we’re leaving Queenstown for the very remote Fjordland Wilderness and the suposedly awesome Doubtful Sound. I’m pretty excited to get out in the middle of solitude and nothingness.

Also, if you’re interested, my flickr page for this trip is here and rebecca’s is here. Check them out!

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  1. Alana
    Apr 15th, 2007at4:55 am

    Those pics are amazing, and your usage of the word “extreme” (and variations thereon) really add spice to the awesome blerg-stew! V. glad you’re travel-bloggin’ again. I am seized by the urge to say, “Rawk on!” (but I will refrain). HOORAY LIFE! BUMPUS… GO!

  2. Curt Shaw
    Apr 22nd, 2007at6:25 am

    Hi – What amazing photos you’ve posted. I was particularly taken with the nice Amanita Muscaria images. They are great for snacking – just make sure your companions have you securely restrained beforehand. Glad you survived the glacier expedition intact. And bring me a box of Bugs ‘n Mud – it would look great on the mantel and would annoy Mom no end! Dad

  3. cameron
    Apr 22nd, 2007at4:07 pm

    you and your pictures are all mom and dad talk about. “have you looked at taylor’s pictures yet? you should really look at taylor’s pictures.” and then the other one gets on the phone and says the same thing.

    so in other words, life Stateside continues as it was.

  4. theDeep
    Apr 26th, 2007at6:31 pm

    dude. I’ve been on that luge track! Yes, while seemingly unimpresive, it is actually somewhat steep on the “advanced” track—but imagine going downhill on that little cart wearing nothing but a bike helmet while it starts to rain. Can you say cart drift? I can.


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