Fjordland Ho!

Our Awesome Outfits

That’s us in our awesome Munchkin kayaking outfits. I really thought the bright orange brought out the highlights in my eyes. And the tight thermal underwear really brought out the sexiness in my legs. But my opinions went uncorroborated.

Astute readers may note that I have not posted here for almost a week. I apologize profusely for any anguish this may have caused. After Queenstown we travelled through a series of impossibly tiny, remote townships which had little or no internets, so it was difficult to post to this blog. Now finally I’m in Christchurch, which is like a real city, and have a fancy speedypants internet cafe here, so I can post at will. I just uploaded about a billion photos to my flickr page.

So I’ll try to catch up with where we’ve been: Our first stop after Queenstown was Te Anau, a tiny little town which is the gateway to the Fjordland Wilderness. As the name implies it’s pretty much all just fjords and wilderness. Fjords everywhere. Wilderness everywhere. Awesome. Fjordland is actually a World Heritage site (along with most of the west coast of the South Island), which means it’s illegal to build anything there at all. And it really deserves to be one because the landscape is amazingly, mind-bogglingly beautiful and awe-ispiring:


That’s a view of Doubtful Sound, which we visited on a boat tour. Milford Sound is the famous New Zealand fjord, but Doubtful Sound is its more remote, more pristine, less touristy, more awesome big brother. You can only access it by taking a boat over the (also amazing) Lake Manapouri, then a bus over a tiny little mountain road before finally reaching the Sound itself. It’s a really immense incredible place, and the pictures I have cannot do it justice. Really. It’s epic and huge and majestic and grand and any other superlatives you may choose to use:

Doubtful Sound

Doubtful Sound

You really have to see it and be surrounded by the vastness to comprehend the place. The steep cliffsides covered with temperate rainforests. The waterfalls. It was fantastic. I loved it. We saw dolphins:

Dolphins in Doubtful Sound

Im very glad we went there instead of just doing a boat tour on the famous (and more accessible) Milford Sound, which is what every other tourist does. Of course, Milford Sound was equally amazing, but also crowded with a billion tourist boats and helicopters and seaplanes and whatnot. So we opted to take a nice calm kayak trip on it, which ended up being really peaceful and awesome in its own way.

Milford Sound

The day was also much more cloudy, which gave the whole thing a mysterious atmospheric feeling.

Matt and Emily, Milford Sound

Milford Sound

Kayaking Milford Sound

Milford Sound is beautiful. Totally worth seeing, even if Doubtful is the grander of the two. But I got to dress like a fat little orange man:

Taylor At Milford Sound

So it was obviously totally worth it. So anyway, that was our two days of fjording. Next: Glaciers! And me getting frostbite!

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  1. cameron
    Apr 22nd, 2007at4:11 pm

    JEALOUSY ABOUNDS. why do i have to be stuck in ugly old LA?

  2. Alana
    Apr 23rd, 2007at10:34 pm

    I am also v.v. jealous. I say again: amazing pics.

  3. Alana
    Apr 23rd, 2007at10:35 pm

    Darn, I forgot to insert an extraneous “j” into my comment. Ajmazing pjics!


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