A Sign That Would Frequently Come In Handy

Taylors Mistake Beach

Taylor’s Mistake is, not unlike my own mistakes, a beach near Christchurch well-known for its surf break. And obviously it’s my new favorite beach. The mistake Taylor made apparently was thinking it was the entrance to a harbor, which it wasnt, resulting in much hilarity and shipwreckitude. Anyway, it’s a cool sign. Not quite as cool as this one though:

Cool Sign

You cant really see in this photo, but I’m just offscreen to the right in full Warring Taylor Regalia, battleaxe drawn, wreaking havoc on Wellington. Much like this giant robot was doing:

Robot sculpture

Of course I realised later that it said Waring Taylor, not Warring. And I am naturally Wary, so that’s appropriate, I spose. But the damage was already done.

And as long as I’m discussing signs, we came across this one:

I believe it was suggesting not to do that.

But my favorite sign in all of New Zealand was this adorable ad:

Funny Sign

Just look how adorable and precious that little girl is! bless her little heart.

So I’m sad to say that I just arrived home this afternoon. The New Zealand adventure is over. And I’m really tired after my 12 hour flight into the past, so I’m not writing any more now. There’s still a lot of awesome trip I didnt get to on this blog though. I’ll try to do a wrap-up post tomorrow after returning home from work. fancy that. work. yay

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  1. Becca
    May 2nd, 2007at12:41 am

    San Francisco totally has those don’t-flip-over-your-bikes-on-the -tracks signs too.
    You brought me toffee pops, right?


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