Vienna, Austria

Hey this is the first post to a blog I’ve ever made. I dont know if I’ll be able to stick with posting to this very frequently.. I’ve never been very good at keeping a journal or anything like that. But it’ll give me a good excuse to sit around in internet cafes all day instead of actually going outside and absorbing the unique culture of wherever I am. I’m not sure what to write about, so let me know if I’m saying stuff that you want to read, or how I can do better. Actually, I expect only my mom will read this, to not worry about where I am, so Hi Mom! Let me know what you want me to write about. I think by having a blog now I’ve finally entered the 21st century. I feel like a regular techie dork in silicon valley. And I am, except I’m in Vienna.

Vienna is an awesome city. I was here three years ago also, and both times I’ve been here I’ve come away thinking it would be a great place to live for a while. If only I spoke german. It’s super relaxed and laid back, with lots of art and grand buildings and elegant parks, and people dressed up as mozart all over the place (seriously). Those Habsburgs really knew how to build a city to impress. I went to the Schonbrunn palace today, which was Maria Teresa’s summer residence. It’s this enormous 1500 room building in the middle of acres and acres of gardens. There was a hedge maze. I liked that. I guess when you have a 1100-person entourage like the Habsburg royal family did, you need a big summer house. I stood in the room where Kennedy met Kruschev, and the room where Mozart first played to the royals at age 6.. so much history there. It was cool.

I went to the Vienna State Opera tonight too. They have cheap standing room seats, which were actually pretty good. I was in the back, but right in the center. You lean against this rail, and can leave during the intermissions if you tie a scarf around the rail to save your place, but can only use a scarf, apparently, which I learned when this anal usher guy yelled at me for trying to save my place with my jacket instead. I have to remember to bring more scarves to europe with me next time. Anyway, I saw La Boheme, which was okay I guess. Kind of a mediocre performance, actually, to my cultured opera-loving ears. No roses were thrown. They put on a different opera every night of the week here. If I liked opera, I would think that was awesome.

The main Cathedral in Vienna is called Stephansdom, or St Stephans, but everyone calls it Steffl. Which basically means they call their church ‘Steve’. The last time I was here I climbed Steve’s bell tower and at the very top the security guard was blasting ‘rhinestone cowboy’ on his radio. Looking over Vienna in this ancient church listening to Glen Campbell was one of the more bizarre juxtapostions of cultures I’ve experienced.

Are you bored with my blog yet? I am. How about this: The hotel where I’m staying is called Hotel Kummer. And because it’s in Wien a lot of the toiletries and towels and stuff say ‘Hotel Wiener Kummer’ on them. I’m sure people who are extremely immature probably would find this hillarious. I dont find it amusing at all, though; I’m much too sophisticated for that. Harumph! Wiener Kummer indeed! I mention it purely to placate the rabble in my readership. Now I’m off to the Opera again.. have you seen my monacle? I seem to have misplaced it. A pity.

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  1. Apr 19th, 2005at8:13 pm

    Taylor, fun reads!
    You traveling alone? Meeting people along the way?

  2. Becca
    Apr 20th, 2005at9:34 am

    Hysterical. You better keep posting, as I promise to read it. Megan will read it too, I’m sure. In addition to your mom. Hi Katherine!

  3. taylor
    Apr 22nd, 2005at7:33 am

    Matt, yes I’m just travelling by myself. But that’s cool, because I’m AWESOME. I’m my favorite person. Wouldnt rather spend time with anyone else. So it works out, you see..


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