Ljubljana, Slovenia

I’m in a Slovene prison now. Or a former one, at least. The hostel I’m staying in is a converted prison. It’s a lot nicer than it sounds. They’ve had a different artist decorate all the old cells, so they’re pretty nice.. some still have the bars on the windows and doors even.

Yesterday, in Bled, a swan at the lake bit my foot. The bastard.

Ljubljana is an awesome city. Very urban, with lots of grafitti everywhere (lots of dollar signs next to swastikas with Xs through both), but its also really beautiful at the same time. It seems like every teenage kid in Slovenia is constantly hanging out in the main square here during the day. I dont think they have schools in Slovenia. It really seems like a super cosmopolitan, exciting place. College town. Lots of outdoor cafes. Very deserving of the ‘new Prague’ moniker that seems to be applied to every eastern european city.

The coolest thing about the city is there are dragons everywhere. Ljubljana was supposedly founded when Jason (of the argonauts) slew the Ljubljanica dragon here, so there’s a dragon bridge with big dragon statues, and dragons on railings and little dragon statues all over the place. Theres also a really cool castle overlooking the city. Wandering around randomly I came across an old Roman wall, from back when Ljubljana was called Emona and was on the Roman frontier. I also learned that it was later called Laibach under the Habsburgs, so now we know where Slovene industrial rock group Laibach got their name (Im sure most of you had been wondering about that).

Its raining pretty hard now, so I think Ill spend most of the day in my prison cell. Tomorrow I want to go to some caves near here.

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  1. Ian
    Apr 21st, 2005at5:37 pm

    Ha ha, a swan kicked your ass. That’s pretty sorry. If this was my blog (which, by the way, I’m thinking of making it), I would have lied and been like, “And then, this bitch-ass swan tried to get up in my face, and I was like, ‘Nuh-uh mr. swan, why don’t you get your white ass back to Alli before I make you wish you lived in a zoo.’”
    That’s the kind of stuff people love…man on swan violence. With a few postings like that you could be the male wonkette (wonker?).
    Anyways, you need to think about this stuff.

  2. taylor
    Apr 22nd, 2005at7:43 am

    Your comments Re: ‘Ha ha, a swan kicked your ass…’ have been duly noted and will be reviewed in subcommittee to identify actionable items.

  3. taylor
    Apr 22nd, 2005at7:45 am

    Also, I like the ‘where’s taylor?’ idea. If only I had an attendant photographer along with me to take pictures of me in crowds.

  4. Sarah (that redhead)
    Apr 22nd, 2005at7:48 am

    I can’t believe you missed the opportunity to rip a crazy pun on the word Bled and the aggressive swan. I would also appreciate some phonetic indication of how one might sound out “Ljubljana.” So I guess those are my only requests today. We miss you a bunch.

  5. Becca
    Apr 22nd, 2005at11:41 am

    Just want to put in my vote for the Where’s Taylor? idea. Brilliant Ian, brilliant.
    And Taylor, when do you get back? I’m assuming that I’ll miss you when I’m in SF the first week in May? Will you then be passing through NYC anytime after June 1? Or will I never see you again? I suppose this conversation would be more appropriate over e-mail, but that would require me to open up a whole ‘nother window….
    Let me know.


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