Bled, Slovenia

Now I’m in Bled, Slovenia, which is this incredibly picturesque town in the Julian Alps, on Lake Bled. There’s a little church on an island in the middle of the lake (the only island in Slovenia), and this impressive castle on top of a 300 foot sheer clliff overlooking the town. The first historical reference to the castle was in 1011 AD, and the spot’s been inhabited since Roman times. It’s a very beautiful place, only spoiled by a bunch of casinos and hotels along one side of the lake that look like some 1950s communist’s idea of what a fun resort would look like, which they probably were. This place gets pretty touristy during the summer, I think, though it’s not so bad now. There are tons of adventure sport companies.. it reminds me of Interlaken a lot. I’ll try to find a computer where I can upload my pictures at some point.

I took a hike to the Osojnica viewpoint on the other side of the lake from the town, for some awesome views. Then had a traditional Slovenian dinner at the castle, which probably undid the effects of any excerise I got from my hike. Lots of meat and potatoes and more meat.

I’m having trouble typing on these Slovenian keyboards. All the keys are in the wrong places. But at least I can type crazy letters like ŠĐŁčž and ß.

It’s started raining now, which sucks. Tomorrow I’m leaving for Ljubljana.

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  1. Mom
    Apr 19th, 2005at12:58 pm

    I love the blog. I bought a club for your car this weekend,so I don’t have to worry to much about it. I have bought our tickets to China. So I will be able to have great experiences soon. Much love Mom

  2. Ian
    Apr 20th, 2005at7:11 am

    Because it would be a tragedy if your only comments were from your mom and Matt (nothing against them, its just not representative of your uber-popularity), I’ve decided to contribute to your blog.
    Now that I’ve fully established myself as a pompous ass, on to my wisdom!
    1) Have you thought of purchasing a red and white striped stocking cap and taking pictures of yourself in large crowds around the world? OK, you probably haven’t…but you should. We could come up with some creative name like “Where’s Taylor?” or, even better, “Where’s Taylor in Europe?” Eventually, I envision a Dreamworks 3-d animated feature about your journeys. Paul Giamatti as your voice? What’dya think?
    2) Are you going to see the new pope? He’s mad sexy with those dark rings under his eyes and dollars to dimes says he s a big fan of the Shrek movies. Maybe you could teach him to gel his hair to appeal to the younger, disenfranchised fundamentalists who were disappointed jesus didn’t show up at the conclave and take over.
    3) Finally, are you bringing back swiss army knives again? That was sweet.
    Take care and remember to share the profits when this “Where’s Taylor?” thing takes off…



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